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Alexandria Joyce Vose

February 17, 1987 -- February 7, 2006


My daughter, Allie, (technically, she was my step-daughter, but I'd known her since she was two, and as I always told Brianna (my younger daughter), the important word in the description is always "daughter"). A beautiful young lady, inside and out.

There are so many things I want to say about her -- so many things I could say about her. But as I sit and try to write these words, even one full year later, I find my heart still aches too much to do so.

Consider this a placeholder for what will come.

I invite anyone who knew her to participate in this Original Idea Films memorial page about her. You can send me whatever text you wish and I'll add it to the page. As time goes on and the incredible pain I still feel at her loss eases, I'll add some thoughts of my own.

But until then here is another picture of her, reflected off the glass of a jellyfish enclosure.

-Bern (love you, kid -- and I miss you something terrible)