In the interests of full disclosure I have to come clean - to 'fess up.

I'm not the happy-go-lucky amateur filmmaker that you might believe me to be. I've taken money for my Art. I'm a pro.

When I'm not making short films, I shoot and edit commercials for local cable.

Phew. Is THAT ever a load off my chest. I'm not sure if you can forgive me, but yeah - when I'm not shooting and editing my latest epic short - I sell soap (not really soap, but you get the analogy, don't you?), and if you click the banner below you'll be taken to that site.

The KB Optical commercials include my eldest daughter and her best friend (one even features the best friend as the main spokeperson). The KFC Contest commercial has me and my youngest trying to make some dinner for mom, with some interesting results...

It's fun and I actually make money doing something that I love - how can I say no to that?


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